White text on a blue background reads: Ducor Union Elementary School District.

Ducor School appreciates any member of the community to help support our school goals and student progress towards individual achievement. Planning and preparing for extracurricular activities after school hours can be challenging.  We currently have a few programs that encourage students to learn and to have fun. Ducor students are excited to be involved and excited to learn. Any support for our students is support for the entire community. If you are interested in volunteering or providing supplies for our programs, please call 559-534-2261. Thank You.

Ducor School has a few after school programs that involve hands on activities with supportive volunteers. Every Monday is guitar lessons for one hour. Ducor School students are invited to attend and to learn the art of playing a guitar. Ducor School only has five guitars and fifteen students. Our students are patient and willing to learn. We continue to grow but we are in need of guitars. Please call 559-534-2261 if you have a guitar you are willing to donate. Thanks.

Every Thursday, students learn how to cook main dishes and desserts. Ducor School cafeteria has a full functioning cafeteria. Our volunteer enrolls beginning and advance cooking classes. Each class learns how to plan and prepare dishes, purchasing food, measuring, temperature, time, and cleaning. Our volunteer enjoys working with all students that are interested in learning. Volunteers are always welcome to help. We currently need more kitchen ware for each student, bowls, measuring cups, cooking trays and so on. If you are interested in donating, please call the school at 559-534-2261. Thank You.

Every Tuesday, students learn how  to cut,  paste, draw and develop imaginative work in our arts and crafts program. Our volunteer brings her own materials to share with all the students. Our students need to be creative. It allows them to be imaginative and to have greater time to self explore their creativity. We hope that our students can use this time to be open with their thoughts during arts and craft time and to take their time in class to focus and learn. If you are interested in volunteering or donating arts and crafts items please call the school at 559-534-2261. Thank You.

Every Friday morning, our office manager teaches a small group of students how to read musical notes, counts, and to play an instrument. Our small group of students are excited to learn and to understand how to play musical instruments. Ducor School is excited to have a musician on campus and to share his educational experience and personal experience with our students. We encouraged our community members to share their experience and offer musical donations for our students. If you are interested in donating, please call the school at 559-534-2261. Thank You.