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Ducor UESD

Ducor UESD, about 6 hours ago

Covid 19

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Louis Smith

Louis Smith, 5 days ago

All students have PE google classroom set up with work for them that is TK-8. Please call school are email me for anything to help you all in this time thanks Mr. Smith email

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry, 6 days ago

Hello parents, did you know that 5th grade has its own website!? well you can access it here by clicking on the link below. It has 4 simple tabs so navigating the website is simple. Hopefully it helps!

Ducor UESD

Ducor UESD, 8 days ago

Hope elementary school graffiti. Parents, this school was tagged over the weekend. There are more innapropriate words and drawings Most likely high school students with NO Valores. Now Ducor school could be next. If you know who did this, report them to the sheriff office. Please help stop this. Let's hope tagging does not happen at Ducor School Thank you.

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