In July 2008, the Ducor Union Elementary School Board voted in favor of school uniforms for students. Students are required to wear a white collared shirt or a light blue shirts and either blue pants, blue skirt or kaki brown pants and skirt . Pants can be either long or short in length. Students should be in uniform unless parents visit the office and fill out an "Opt Out" waiver. During the course of the school year, certain days will be designated "No Uniform" days. The District Office will send home a note with the students when those days will occur. If the parents have a reason their child(ren) will not be uniform please contact the District Office at 534-2261. Students who habitually are not in uniform will be subject to a parent conference and or suspension. If you have uniforms that your child(ren) are no longer able to wear, please consider donating them to the School. We have many families that could use help in acquiring uniforms.