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Lupita Flores

Lupita Flores, 1 day ago

Reptile Man 🐍🐒🐸🌿🌱 is here at DUCOR!πŸ’™

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Samantha Britt

Samantha Britt, 2 days ago

7th grade is using their VALORES to spread kindness!

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Ducor UESD

Ducor UESD, 2 days ago

Welcome parents. Thank you for installing thrillshare to your phone. We hope we share your students day with you. We are excited to have you on campus with us during your busy day. We will share fun pictures, comments and important information. Please share your experience with us when you can. Your opinion and support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Louis Smith

Louis Smith, 2 days ago

Hockey πŸ’

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