Describe a storm. This could be a thunderstorm, a snow storm, a hurricane, a tornado, a hail storm, a rain storm, or any type of storm.  


MINIMUM OF 10 SENTENCES. Try to include the 5 senses. Touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste. 



The day was warm and sunny. The scent of oak trees and leaves. Sadly life is not always sunny and rainbows. Darkness emerges and clouds conceal the atmosphere in terror. The air racing like a wild boar, then . . . . . . . silence before the thundering hail crashing down in a barrage. Rain spiking the earth like arrows, the whitetail of electricity runs energy to the ground. All chaos eradicating the earth, wind blowing away the tree's, roots coming out of the ground. They say that after the storm comes the sun but not the aftermath is that great. The ground broken to pieces as ash coming out.